07 September 2014

Welcome back to the Ulster Wargames blog!

It's been exactly a year since the last entry on this blog, and I must admit I wondered if I would ever write another one.

The blog was originally set up to help publicise the Lardy Ulster Fry Day in August 2013, when Richard Clarke from Too Fat Lardies paid a visit to Belfast to demonstrate his new Chain of Command rules, and we put on several other games to complement this.  When that day was over, the impetus to continue the blog dissipated.

However, recently I've been thinking of re-launching the blog as a means of recording the various activities of UWS members, both at our monthly meetings and at other times.  A group of us have just started a Dux Britanniarum campaign, and it seemed like a good opportunity to document this for a wider audience - inspired by the excellent Linnius Campaign by Mike Whittaker and Andy Hawes, handily collected on Mike's blog at http://troubleatthemill.blogspot.co.uk/p/the-linnius-campaign.html

One of our members is also keen to start a Chain of Command campaign, so again we could document progress at this site.  Also, contrary to appearances so far, we do play games with a wide variety of rules at the UWS, not just those published by TFL, so  there will be other opportunities for after action reports, rules reviews and such based on games played at the club and by club members.  

We have a number of keen photographers on hand to assist, and I plan to open up the blog to other contributors so that I won't be overburdened personally.

So, watch this space and - if all goes according to what I laughingly call a plan - there should be some new posts coming along before too much more time elapses.

Jeremy Dowd
Photos by Colin Campbell

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